The Supplements I Use and Why

Updated: Jul 13

Whether you have just started your training or you’re a seasoned veteran, no doubt you will have been inundated with recommendations regarding which supplements to take.

In this article, I will explain which supplements I take and for what reason.

Hopefully from reading this, you will be able to make an informed decision on which supplements would compliment your training.

(I'll do another article to explain which supplements you should avoid and which are a waste of money!)

Since your supplement choice is dependent on what you want to achieve, it is important that you know my current training goals.

Over the next 8 weeks, my goal is to add lean muscle, increase strength and improve my 5k run time (to below 20 mins).

Now without further ado… Lets start with the ones I take (It’s just three!)

#1: The Godfather of Supplements - The Protein Shake

Let me start by saying that protein shakes aren’t essential to anyone. You can get the exact same results with or without them.

However, they are a very efficient and economical way of hitting your daily protein target.

Some people really struggle to consume enough protein throughout the day, particularly those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. In these instances, supplementation would be very useful.

So first consider whether you consume enough protein on a daily basis.

Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building, I generally recommend 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.

(I’ll explain the reasons why in another post!)

In terms of which protein powder to buy, I personally recommend Toned Supplements - its my personal favourite, so much so that I asked for a discount code for my clients - Use 'SAM10' for 10% discount

#2: Creatine

Another seriously misunderstood supplement, but a very useful one for anyone looking to build muscle or increase strength.

Not only is it one of the most affordable supplements, it’s also one of the most effective and safest supplements that you can take - with so much research having been done on it.

Put simply, creatine helps to maintain a continuous supply of energy to the muscles, as well as helping you to recover during your workouts.

It causes some water retention, so if you are looking to drop your scale weight immediately, then it’s not for you. With this, it can cause dehydration, so if you decide to take it then ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for endurance athletes (I didn’t have it when I was marathon training), but if the goal is to build lean muscle and increase strength - then it might be for you!

One last thing… you hear a lot of nonsense about creatine. Even today, with all the research available. I still hear people talking about creatine as if its a steroid (its not!) and saying that you have to cycle on and off of it (also not true!).

It also doesn’t have immediate effect, it’s not like caffeine. So if someone tells you they were bouncing off the walls when they had it - they are lying.

Creatine needs to be loaded and the body saturated before you feel an effect in your training. In fact, the packaging will often suggest a loading phase, where you take a larger amount for the first week, to ensure your body is saturated. I don’t believe this is entirely necessary. Just take 5mg per day to ensure you body has an adequate supply.

#3: Multivitamin

It’s essentially a little magic tablet, that gives you a selection of vitamins that your body needs.

Now there is some discussion about whether the vitamins are digested in the same way as they would be in food that you eat.

I don’t stress too much about the discussion.

Since it's convenient and affordable, I just take 1-2 per day. The reason for this is simply just to cover all bases.

I am flexible with the way I eat... so even though I will try to get all my essential vitamins from my food, in the odd instance that I fail to do so - my multivitamin has me covered.

If you feel like you struggle to get the right vitamins from your food already, consider my Meal Plan which will make sure your diet is fuelling your training properly!

And that's literally all of the supplementation I use!

My one piece of advice as you continue on your journey, is don't overcomplicate the supplementation aspect.

There is no magic pill that will transform your body by itself. Consider supplements as just the extra 5%.

Instead, focus on great nutrition, a great training plan and just showing up - that's where the real results will come!

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