How 3 Small Changes Led to 10cm off my Clients Waist... (in just 6 weeks!)

Updated: Jul 28

Before we get stuck into this article, I want you to take a minute to think about how good an extra 10cm would be off of your waist...

Perhaps it's a goal of yours that you've been struggling to achieve

You feel like you've been going in circles trying to get a smaller waist...

I know for a lot of people the waist is the hardest place to get rid of fat...

That stubborn belly fat!

Well don't worry! I'm here to tell you Oscars story, to accelerate your progress and finally get rid of those annoying, ever present love handles.

Here's a little introduction on Oscar...

He's a student, living here in Melbourne. Originally from Mexico, Oscar has struggled with weight loss for a while. Until one day he literally said "Sam you are my last hope".

As always, I will look at the 4 key areas to anyones fat loss journey; their Mindset, Movement, Training and Nutrition.

His Mindset is good, he's motivated to Train and committed to being sensible with his Nutrition outside of the sessions. He also completes around 20k steps on the days that he works, so his Movement was very high too.

So here's what we did to drop those cm's off Oscars waist...


Start a Workout Plan That is ENJOYABLE

Gone are the days of the "No Pain, No Gain" brigade...

5Don't get me wrong, those people still exist - but they are few and far between. They also tend to be avid gym goers already and not the sort of people we are talking to today.

From being a PT, I've noticed that anyone who is outside of the above category and talks about "no pain, no gain" is riding off pure adrenaline and motivation alone.

Which is not going to last. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that this person will barely see out the month.

Not ideal for a weight loss journey and entirely unnecessary too!

With Oscar, for a while we struggled with regularity. I'd get him in for a few weeks, he'd work really hard and then he would disappear for that time and then some.

The problem was that he wanted to kill himself in the workouts, meaning that he began to dread them and only wanted to come when he was feeling motivated (not very often!).

So the answer was to choose something that he would enjoy. Make him look forward to the sessions and make him excited to come and train.

That's how you build momentum and that's how you create sustainable fat loss.

One year of average, fun workouts is better than a month of really difficult, unpleasant (no pain, no gain) ones.

Don't get me wrong, they should be challenging. But how about you choose a style of workout you like (HIIT, Weights, Cardio etc) and you stick to exercises that you enjoy.

To get a Tailored (very fun!) Workout Plan written for you Click

Change What You Drink

Seems like a fairly simple on, right?

Everyone always jumps straight to thinking about alcohol. They're willing to cut out alcohol for a couple of weeks or switch to a vodka soda for a bit.

But that's not even necessarily what I'm referring to...

For the average person, they might have a couple of drinks each week - which actually isn't going to account for that may calories.

No I'm talking to the people who drink four

coffees with milk each day (yes oat and almond milk are included in this!)

Or the people who will have a can of Coke at work each day

Or a big old smoothie with peanut butter

Or a glass of milk before bed

With Oscar, an easy technique for SIGNIFICANTLY reducing his calories each week was just by saying that Water and Black Coffee (virtually zero calories) was all he was allowed to drink.

It meant that on the weekends, he could actually have a drink and not feel guilty because he was still getting results!

(Note: If you're someone who drinks every nights or you're an absolute sesh head, then perhaps tapering those drinks down would be beneficial too.)

Work On Your Average Steps

As mentioned above, from his work, Oscar would complete anywhere up to 20k steps per day - which is exceptional for any trainer to hear.

However, it begged the question, what were his steps like when he was not working?

As you can imagine... they would be pretty low.

As low as 1-2k on his days off (as many steps as were required to go to the toilet or to the kitchen I imagine!)

This didn't entirely ruin his weekly average, but it certainly didn't help - taking it down to around 10-14k per day.

So my message to you, would be to ensure that you are consistent with your steps and focus on your average for the week - not just the days when you do well!

Alternatively, for many of you office workers, it might be the other way around...

You may struggle to get enough steps throughout the week...

But its ok... you can build up your average by having nice active weekends! :)

Now that article was a mouthful - so if you've read this far, well done!

And thank you :) I hope it was useful.

If you've finished this article and still feel like you need more help, more guidance and acceleration towards your goal - you can book in a FREE KICKSTART CALL and get going today!

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