Weight Loss Is The Wrong Goal For You

As a personal trainer, one of the most common goals you hear when initiating a new client, is weight loss. People want that number on the scale to say something smaller, basically.

People get emotionally attached to this number - when it goes down, they have a great day and when it goes up, their day is just awful.

They allow their motivation to depend on that number, which is simply a terrible plan.

Let's talk about the things that make up your bodyweight....

In an average male:

15% is your bones

40-45% is your muscle

15% is fat

In an average female:

12% is your bones

30-35% is your muscle

27% is fat

So immediately we can see, that measuring your weight to determine how fat you are is silly, because it only accounts for a small portion of your total body weight.

Not to mention that the majority of your bodyweight is water. Around 60% of your body to be exact. Which can be depleted enormously if need be (anyone who watches the UFC knows that!)

Fighters can lose 20lbs before a weigh in and regain it within a single day, almost entirely from depleting themselves of water.

So here lies the other issue...

There are a huge number of things that can make your scale weight fluctuate (and it's rarely fat gain!)

1. After a workout you may feel great, like your scale weight should be low. Maybe you sweat a lot, so you've lost some water weight there. Or alternatively, maybe you drank a lot, so your weight would go up. If you are new to training, training can cause short term inflammation, which will result in some water retention.

2. Ladies, if it's your time of the month, expect some water retention. Include hormonal fluctuations and cravings to the mix, then you'll definitely expect some change.

3. You've eaten lots of salty foods, this will absolutely cause water retention. Don't panic!

4. You've been trying to drink more water, this will of course cause your scale weight to increase.

5. If you recently ate a big meal, then you know your body is now carrying that food around. So expect your weight to go up by the amount you just consumed.

6. Lastly, perhaps you've gained some muscle. I see many clients panic that their scale weight hasn't gone down. But very few realise that they have lost fat and gained muscle simultaneously - which isn't represented on the scales.

So what should we do...

Firstly, do not get emotionally attached to your weight. It is just a number and it is only one piece of data that we are going to use.

Expect your weight to fluctuate, so use an app that tracks your weight over time. I like one called My Happy Scales (dorky name I know!). You plot your weights and it will show your overall trajectory.

Make your goal for FAT LOSS rather than weight loss. Most people don't actually care how much they weigh, they just want to lose a bit of fat.

And finally, use more than one method to track your progress, I usually recommend 2-3 of the following:

- Weight

- Progress Photos

- Measurements

- How Your Clothes Fit You

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